Our evaluation work & experience

d-sipher's evaluation work has been acknowledged with a number of awards. The following projects are a small example of our work.

Our services include:

  • program and impact evaluations

  • quantitative and qualitative methods

  • program logic models

  • performance indicator frameworks

  • monitoring and evaluation frameworks

  • evaluation training.

International award for Best Public Sector Evaluation - Australasian Evaluation Society

National evaluation study of Australian Defence Force housing. The award judges said that a feature of the evaluation, which stood out above the other nominations, was the thoroughness of evaluation, implementation and communications, including ‘clear conceptualisation’ and ‘excellent dissemination’. 

Annual employee engagement and organisational climate monitor for Ergon Energy 2005-2013

Whilst Ergon Energy had an employee survey for prior to 2005, it sought to improve the level and type of reporting to contribute to organisational development, change and action planning. The survey was revamped as part of a major review of all survey questions and concepts. A new reporting format, baseline and KPI was developed. To ensure relevance to the business, the survey, dashboard themes and reporting are reviewed and refined annually to align with organisational priorities and internal feedback on the survey.

Evaluation of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth Program for Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

This project, with Anne Markiewicz & Associates, evaluated the DEEWR Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth Program (LSAY) (2009-10) to establish the effectiveness of the national program incorporating longitudinal surveys with representative samples of young people aged 15-25 years of age and an associated large scale commissioned research program. The project enabled DEEWR to make some important decisions about the LSAY program.

Evaluation of the Study in Australia website for Australian Education International (Department of Education, Science and Training)

This major international research and evaluation project evaluated Australia's website portal for international students and included internatational and national qualitative research, stakeholder interviews, and an online survey. The evaluation was guided by  the development of evaluation logic linked to the agency's business plan and evaluation objectives and included the design of user-based program performance indicators developed from the quantitative survey. The logic provided a solid framework for the dissemination of results within the agency.

Best practice clinical learning environment & performance indicators for ClinEdQ (Queensland Health)

This project involved the review of best practice, literature, existing research, Queensland Health plans and policy objectives and the development of a model of best practice clinical learning environment/s. With input from an Expert Reference Group, the draft balanced performance indicator framework and indicators designed by d-sipher were finalised and adopted across disparate stakeholder groups to improve training outcomes for clinicians. The performance indicators were designed to monitor and report on Queensland Health’s clinical learning environment.  The resulting outcomes and material was used by Queensland Health to prepare a cost effective and informed response to the Best Practice Framework for Clinical Environments developed by the Victorian Department of Human Services.

Annual employee engagement and employee survey for SPARQ Solutions 2005-2012

As an emerging business, SPARQ sought to identify intitial benchmarks of employee satisfaction to monitor and target organisational development and inform action planning. The online survey had to ensure staff confidentiality. A tailored dashboard and reporting format with KPIs was developed. The survey, dashboard themes and reporting is reviewed and refined annually to align with organisational priorities and internal feedback on the survey. As a result of this longitudinal annual project, SPARQ's organisational climate continues to blossom.