We help people succeed, grow and transform their lives and business.


Using Neuro Linguistic Program techniques with hypnosis and proven counselling and leadership methods, we offer coaching for those wanting to transform their mindset, their lives and their business.


NLP is a powerful and effective technique to make lasting changes in your life. Some of the situations we have worked with or where it can be applied include: fears and phobias, career transformation, business development, improving share trading, changes in behaviour, managing weight, alievating ongoing pain, communication, negotiation, sales, personal development, leadership, sports performance, education outcomes, and much more.


We offer one on one and group sessions. Call us to find out more.

Voda Tech Services

One on one executive coaching

"Coaching sessions with Ellen Vasiliauskas assisted me in managing some difficult professional and personal issues. Through thoughtful, well paced and skilful coaching, Ellen has helped me to manage a particularly stressful work situation, and to identify and build a strategy that has enabled and empowered me to realise my professional potential, and to combine this with my lifestyle dreams." - Arlene Reid, Worksafe Victoria

One on one transformational coaching

"If you are thinking of exploring the benefits of NLP, my experience may encourage you to try it. After a single session of NLP, Ellen completely transformed my airline flights from feelings of unease and trepidation to one of normalcy. This session was four years ago and numerous flights later, the benefits are still in place.  Even turbulance and rough landings are taken much more in stride." - Kosta Theodoris, Sydney

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Trader's mindset group coaching

“As a result of participating in the trader’s mindset sessions with Ellen I am more disciplined and realising when I am going of the track…. it helped me to see that some of the issues I have with trading are nothing to do with trading itself but more to do with mindsets.”  – T. Delamere, trader.

Coming Workshops

Vision Board Workshop!

Wherever you want to change something in your life, live your dream or simply get clear about what you want, this facilitated full day workshop will guide you towards your goals.


Take some time out for you to create, play and dream.

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Trader's mindset group coaching

“While this course has helped work through the trader’s mindset, I can tell you it has assisted in other areas. My wife made comments along the way that my attitude and energy had been adjusted to a better and more positive one.… you can't achieve a trader’s mindset without hitting some of the core issues that have made you who you are (even though they are negative impacting issues). Having these identified and resolved with the idea of trading for a living is what will put people in the right mind set to begin a successful process to becoming a successful and profitable trader.”  - D. Perfect, trader, Noosa